Rental Fee Schedule: 9am - 11pm (Time extensions permissible upon availability)

$325 includes 2 hours, add $75 per additional hour needed for set up, party time, and take down.


Security Deposit: $250 due at time of contract execution, the are non refundable

and required in advance to secure the event date.


Basil Event Room may charge an additional fee for excessive cleaning. 


Cancellations: Cancellations of Event Room use must be received as soon as possible but NO LATER than 7 days in advance to avoid being charged the full amount of the rental. Repeated cancellations may result in the User being denied use of the facility.

No Shows: If no cancellation notice is received 7 days in advance of scheduled Event time, then the “no-show” User will be charged the full amount of the rental for the no-show.


Accessible Accommodations (ADA): Basil Event Room facilities are accessible for people with physical disabilities.  To ensure that room setup and other logistical arrangements will accommodate all attendees, groups should advise Basil if any attendees have special needs when scheduling reservations.


Kitchen Access: Use of the kitchen per this basic event room rental agreement is “limited” as defined below with “allowable” access to appliances as well as “restrictions” to appliances.   A separate rental agreement and applicable fees are required to gain full kitchen access for your event.   





Counter Tops







Built-in Cappuccino & Coffee Maker

Counter Top Appliances (i.e. mixer, toaster, food processer, etc.)


In case of damage to Basil Event Room & Kitchen property, the User is responsible for reasonable and actual expenses incurred by Basil in connection with the event.

No eating or drinking from open containers is allowed in the food production areas.  Food production should at all times remain sanitary and in accordance with the regulations of the TX Health Department.

No equipment or other items belonging to Basil Event Room & Eatery is ever allowed to leave the premises.


Alcohol: Service and consumption of alcoholic beverages is a serious consideration when planning an event. At the Basil Event Room & Eatery (“BERE”) our policy is designed to provide the utmost safety for event patrons. Renters should be fully aware of these policies for events at which alcoholic beverages are to be available to their guests. Likewise, Renters must designate a sober host or event coordinator that can be consulted by Security and/or BERE personnel throughout the event. Permits allowed at the BERE are not typical, and as such, require higher levels of attention, control, and restriction than licenses for stand-alone restaurants and bars. Consumption of alcoholic beverages on the BERE premises is a privilege, not a right. Abuse of the privilege can result in the discontinuation of all service of alcoholic beverages for an event.

Renters who choose to host an event with alcohol have two options. No matter the option, an “Application to Sale or Serve Alcoholic Beverages at the Basil Event Room & Eatery” must be presented at the time the License Agreement is submitted.

Options for hosting an event with alcohol are as follows:

Option 1: A Renter may hire a holder of a Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC) Caterer’s Permit to serve or sell alcoholic beverages at their respective event. For additional information, see the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code Chapter 31 Caterer’s Permit.

Option 2: A Renter may hire TABC certified servers and bartenders to serve alcohol provided by the Renter. The alcohol must be delivered to BERE prior to the event and must be served complimentary. Once the event begins, no additional alcohol may be brought into BERE and no opened containers may be taken from BERE. For additional information, see the Texas Alcohol Beverage Code Chapter 50 Alcohol Awareness and Education.

*To view the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, log on to or ask your BERE representative for a copy of the relevant provisions.

Security is required when alcohol is present. Security will be scheduled from the time alcohol is served and will stay until the last guest leaves. Security should include at least two local police officers. Alcoholic beverage service will terminate fifteen minutes before the end of the event with “last call” called thirty minutes before the end of the event.

Upon approval of the “Application to Sell or Serve Alcoholic Beverages at the Basil Event Room & Eatery”, the Renter must coordinate with local police for security services. Any additional services required should be coordinated by the Renter, and are not the responsibility of the BERE. Ask your BERE representative if you need contact information for caterers or security.

Rules and regulations for alcohol consumption:

  1. The individual or agency sponsoring the event assumes responsibility for compliance with all Local and State Laws governing the dispensing and serving of alcoholic beverages.
  2. No alcoholic beverages may be sold at the event without the hiring of a holder of a proper Caterer’s Permit. A Caterer’s Permit is required at events offering “cash” bars or events requiring the purchase of a ticket at which, once entry is made, alcoholic beverages are available.
  3. Alcohol may only be served by TABC certified sellers or bartenders.
  4. Alcoholic beverages may only be served inside the BERE. Alcoholic beverages may not be served in the lobbies, reception areas, or parking lots throughout and/or around the building. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed outside the designated event area.
  5. Service or consumption of alcohol will be permitted only between the hours of 5 p.m. to 12 a.m. and will terminate fifteen minutes prior to the conclusion of the event according to the time stated on the Service Contract.
  6. Proper identification shall be required of each person to consume alcohol when alcohol is served. If identification cannot be provided, then that individual may no longer be able to consume alcohol at the event.
  7. Only persons of legal drinking age (21) may be served or be permitted to consume alcoholic beverages at the event. Signs to this effect must be posted at the event.
  8. All drinks will be served in paper or plastic cups, with the exception of wine and champagne.
  9. The consumption of alcohol by any guest will be the sole responsibility of the Renter, the caterer and/or the TABC Seller Certificate holder, and not the responsibility of the BERE. The BERE, its staff, and its representatives shall not be liable for any and all injuries, deaths, or property damage which might occur as a result of allowing alcohol consumption at or in connection with any event at the BERE. The Renter shall be liable for any injury directly caused by alcohol consumption. The Renter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the BERE, its staff, and its representatives from and against any and all liability, damages, losses, costs, expenses, judgments, and reasonable attorney fees arising out of Renter’s event. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, the Renter shall not have any obligation to defend, indemnify, or hold BERE, its staff, and its representatives harmless from claims, suits, or damages arising as a result of, or in connection with, willful malfeasance or negligent acts or omissions.
  10. Renter assumes full responsibility for the character and behavior of all persons admitted to the event during the term of this contract. In relation to the event, Renter shall comply with all laws of the United States, the State of Texas, the BERE, local ordinances, and all rules and requirements of the Police and Fire Departments or other local authorities.
  11. Wine that remains sealed in baskets or gift boxes for auctions, awards, or gift exchanges may be allowed without charge. However, removal of the wine from the sealed basket or box will require its immediate removal from the building by the Renter. This allowance will not be extended to any other forms of alcoholic beverages.
  12. At no time will the BERE waive the authority to enforce this alcohol policy.
  13. Non-alcoholic beverages and food must be readily available to guests at events where alcohol is served.
  14. The BERE reserves the right to control the time and length of an event in which alcohol is served as well as the amount of alcohol made available to guests. The BERE further reserves the right to deny service to individuals and discontinue the service of alcohol.
  15. Unauthorized alcoholic beverages brought into the BERE will be confiscated. No alcohol may be brought onto the premises or taken out of the premises after the event begins unless it is by the TABC Caterer.
  16. Any violation of these rules can result in the immediate shutdown of the event and forfeiture of all rent and deposits paid and due.

Security Requirements:

  1. Renters who choose to host an event with alcohol will be required to have a Security Officer during the hours in which alcohol is served. Renters should provide the BERE with details of the security arrangement, including contact information and time of security presence.
  2. Officers are authorized to enforce the law, including, but not limited to, public intoxication and minor in possession laws and ordinances.
  3. At any time, officers reserve the right to suspend or completely discontinue the sale or service of alcoholic beverages at any event. This will most often occur when it is determined by security that a significant number of attendees should no longer be provided with alcoholic beverages. This will also occur when the Renter or sober host/event coordinator willfully violate these policies.
  4. A floor plan must be submitted to hired security that specifies the location where alcohol will be kept during the event.
  5. Any violation of these rules can result in the immediate shutdown of the event and forfeiture of all rent and deposits paid and due.


Audio/Visual Equipment: Basil Event Room is equipped with a 70” flat screen HDTV and is Blue Tooth capable via Apple TV, as well as Power Point capable.  Pandora access is available for music.  In case of damage to Basil AV equipment, the client organization is responsible for reasonable and actual expenses incurred by Basil in connection with the event.



Children: All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult or legal guardian to gain admittance into Basil, and must be chaperoned at all times while in the facility.



Animals: No Live Animals are allowed inside Basil Event Room & Eatery Kitchen at any time.  Only approved Service Animals / Therapy Animals allowed in building.



Smoking: No Smoking in Basil Event Room & Eatery at any time.  College Park Medical Plaza II is a tobacco-free facility.



Basil Logo: All usage of the Basil logo must be approved by Basil prior to being used for communications or promotional materials. Basil should not be listed as a sponsor or host.


Decorations: All decorations must be approved prior to the meeting or event.  Table top and free standing decorations are permitted. No open flame candles, only battery operated.  Push-pins, tacks, confetti, silly-string, and tape are not permitted due to potential damages to walls and cleaning equipment. Any damages to walls or carpet will result in additional fees to be determined after analysis of damages.


Occupancy Limits: Occupancy limit for Basil Event Room & Eatery is 40 maximum people including event staff will be strictly enforced. Emergency exits should remain clear at all times. Groups are expected to cooperate with Basil staff to maintain security of the building and ground.


Parking: Parking is provided and is available at no charge. Groups are encouraged to park in the side (North) parking lot behind Panera Bread & back (West) parking lot, both near the main entrance to Basil.